Today 11-3-2022, the arrival of three-layer HDPE polyethylene pipes, German specifications, to our warehouses in Kalar District, 50-year guarantees…

Today 3-11-2022, the arrival of HDPE polyethylene pipes, three layers of German specifications, to our warehouses in Kalar district
✅ 50 years guarantees, provided laboratory examination and quality control.
✅ We are not alone, but we are the special and the best in the Middle East and the region.
✅ The tube is healthy and environmentally friendly, and against rotting water and the growth of algae and bacteria
✅ Our first goal, credibility, punctuality, integrity in dealing, customer satisfaction is our goal, and our most important constant rules do not change.
✅ Please sell only in wholesale and less shipping, delivery of a tril load
Exclusive agent office in Iraq
Sulaymaniyah / Kalar District / Sayah Palace Elite Pipe Building – elite pipe
07806234040 – 07726234040

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