Only HDPE polyethylene pipes, three layers inside, white, withstand high pressures.

Only HDPE polyethylene pipes with three layers inside white can withstand high pressures

✅ The video tube, HDPE polyethylene, three layers inside, white, German specifications,
✅ This video was taken by the buyer after connecting and pressing the pipes by ironing, and more than 720 meters were pulled behind the tractor
✅ 50 year guarantee, subject to laboratory testing (physical and chemical)
✅ 100% raw materials without adding any recycled materials
✅ We have two types (three layers and one black layer)
✅ It has no equal and does not exist in the countries of the region in terms of quality, durability and high stress tolerance
✅ Intended for the purpose of using irrigation projects, drinking and agricultural water
✅ Tube length (12 or 13) meters
✅ Competitive price for contractors, projects, state departments and corporate owners
✅ Wholesale only please, we do not write prices in the comments, because the prices of materials in the stock market change weekly
Elite pipe – Elite pipe For more inquiries and prices, please send the order or call the following WhatsApp numbers
07806234040 – 07726234040 The address of the sole and exclusive agent in Iraq
Sulaymaniyah / Kalar / Sayah Palace Building / second floor
Barzi for Import, Export and General Trade

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